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Aug 182009

You may like this ad, or just find it creepy. But it does dramatize the society-wide fantasy of watching Millennial (born 1982-200?) lead a totally sheltered and planned life.

In certain respects, in fact, this is a “Homelander” (the generation to follow the Millennials) commercial before its proper time.  The protectiveness is not portrayed as the result of passionate and committed Boomer (born 1943-1960) parents—but rather as the result of a new “system” that works to protect everyone automatically. The parents’ (midlife Generation X (born 1961-1981)) role is portrayed as a newfangled system that does  its job and waves goodbye. This is more like the attitude we expect during the upcoming First Turning (the High), rather than the current Fourth Turning (Crisis).

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  • Matthew E

    That goes along with something I've been doing a lot of reading about recently: the "free range kids" movement. (As explained here: .) On the one hand it strikes me as quite sensible and desirable. On the other hand I can't imagine that it fits in with how a young Artist generation gets nurtured, so I'm not sure it's going to get any traction. What do you think?

  • That "free range kids" movement is another example of preseasonal behavior – something that you'd expect to see in the First Turning when parents become more relaxed with their parenting. Maybe these are signs of an early High this time around?

  • ALOS79

    I think this a continuatoion of putting kids in the focus like Millennials were the kid is the focus of attention and with the automatic system to keep the kid straight. I find it an interesting commercial. The convention like the Crisis does still work in a High. But it all started in an Unraveling.