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Feb 052010

I’d like to tell you all a bit more about the statistics behind this article.  But, I’m feeling a bit hazy now, like a bad trip.  Maybe later when my head clears, man.

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  • ChicagoH

    Interestingly, while the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) reports drug use by teenagers (Millennials) has gone down, marijuana, prescription drug and over-the-counter cough and cold medication use has either remained steady or has increased. I wonder how many of these teenagers are simply following the example of their Boomer (or Xer) parents?

  • Richardboomer

    The beliefs and values of Baby Boomers and GenX teachers are very different than the values and beliefs held by the students they are teaching. Also the strongest influence for students is their peer group. Combine that with the Millennial Generation commitment to community and you have an exponential expansion of a message when student leaders and trend setters support something.

    I recommend each Generation focus on their role. Baby Boomers give advice and define the moral/ethical issues. GenX link that to the value agenda and the goal. The Millennials will salute and move everyone to achieve the goal.

    • JPT

      “Boomers give advice and define the moral/ethical issues”…I think the feeling of most people in the real world is that Boomers are the last people who should be listened to for advice, and that their definition of moral/ethical issues is irrelevant and stuck in the past (specifically the 1960s).

      It seems pretty clear to me that Bush floundered, and Obama is in the process of floundering, precisely because they both faced a serious challenge, and tried to turn it into an ideological crusade instead of just focusing on fixing the problem. If that kind of outcome is unconscionable according to this theory, the theory needs to be re-examined. Because that's what's happening.

  • Richardboomer

    Yes, I agree and over the next ten years there will be Boomer politicians in both parties saying irrelevant things and stating beliefs that are stuck in the past. Republicans are voicing moral and ethical issues that they don't like about what the Democrats are doing and Democrats are doing the same to the Republicans.

    Yes, I agree with you about Bush, he's a Boomer. However, Obama is the oldest of GenX and has the same values and beliefs as his cohorts. For example, he is a nomad and pragmatic. What's happening in terms of events fits the theory. What's happening in terms of the values and beliefs of each generation fits the theory.

    What happens sometimes is that a few people don't take on the role that fits the time for their generation. As you suggest that would be someone now trying to act out as if it was 1967. They will be marginalized.

    • JPT

      I disagree about Mr. Howe and Mr. Strauss's dating of Boom/X. I think the “generally accepted” mid-60s division is more accurate, and I think Obama is proof. Since when does posing as the messiah and guaranteeing to “fundamentally transform America” translate into “pragmatism” or any other “Nomad” trait?

      • Richardboomer

        Have a nice day. Bye.