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Mar 102010

Jim Quinn has written a number of essays about America’s entry into the coming Fourth Turning (Crisis).  Here is another good one, probably the best one he’s done:

He refers in this essay to the film “Generation Zero.”  Please don’t ask me more about this film than I know.  Yes, I’m interviewed in this film, and turnings and generations are used as the central organizing theme.  Yes, I’ve known the director (Steve Bannon, based in LA) for a while.  The film will be released in theaters later this spring.  Yes, it features over a dozen conservative talking heads (from Charles Krauthammer to Lou Dobbs), and has been a big hit at tea parties, the CPAC convention, and (earlier this evening) on Fox News.  No, it’s not really partisan in any party (Democrat v. Republican) sense, but it is very populist.  But yes, it is visually very striking.  Here is a trailer:

There are already many reviews of this movie.  Here is Jim Quinn’s:

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  • justinlong… does not appear to be a valid link. I'm interested in this. Is there a correct link?

  • ChicagoH

    Justin, you can also read it here:

  • Max Spayde

    It seems the site is down for now. Here is google's cached version…

  • Joseph Pantaleo

    I look forward to seeing the film but I wanted to ask do you feel the Silents are getting a free pass when it comes to criticizing those who lead us to this point of time?

    The silents include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bernie Madoff, Barney Frank – they appeared far less-idealistic than the Boomers or G.I.s and much more ruthless in this whole situation – Jeopardizing the retirement of many of their own cohorts to protect theirs. In light of this I feel the Boomer criticisms are somewhat unfair.

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