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Apr 212010

This article in the LA Times describes the shift in birth location in California. I don’t want to crow, but hey, you read about it first in the Fourth Turning.  Everyone knows that Generation X (born 1961-1981) is the most  immigrant generation (as a % of pop) in nearly a century.  What no one has  suggested—except yours truly—is that Gen X may *stay* the most immigrant generation for a long while.  Like the G.I. (born 1901-1924) following the [Lost], we may ultimately regard Millennial (born 1982-200?) as a generation defined by its dominant *second-generation* (that is, melting-pot) members.  Bill and I made the prediction.  We will see.

btw,  I am a native-born Californian and I simply love that state.  The most beautiful place in the world, bar none.

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  • Jeff Manny

    Hi Neil,

    I just finished reading T4T late last year (and just last month found this your site) after being made aware of it earlier through a newsletter I receive. I do a lot of research on finance/economics for my own investments purposes and late last year came upon James Quinn (a Nomad, like myself) who writes financial articles and often references T4T. His articles crystallize how current events are being shaped by the cycles and archtypes outlined in T4T and how events are likely to unfold. You should check it out. Here's his latest.