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Apr 192010

Check out this article from the AARP Magazine . G.I. (born 1901-1924) in old age were known for their victories, their highways, their Army Corps of Engineers. Boomer (born 1943-1960) will known for their demonstrations, their guitar riffs, their endless Woodstock revivals.

I’m beginning to miss the old version of AARP’s Modern Maturity magazine, showing 70-year-olds in buzz cuts saluting the flag.

Quote: “The music endures because it remains timelessly fresh. As do the artists. Long live rock.”

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  • Pat Mathews

    Hey, hey, hey, hey,hey, hey —what about me? I've got some stories of my own, too…

    From the Silent Generation.

  • jessiex

    Neil, Didn't you do some consulting for AARP? Some work to help them transition to a more Boomer-oriented audience? I've been scanning their core pub for a number of years now, out of curiosity mostly. Really like the shifts in the mag of late.

  • Momerrier

    Ok, besides the fact that I almost get physically ill seeing an AARP cover with valerie bertanelli on the cover (it's personal), why is it when I click the link, I'm taken to the July/August 2010 AARP mag. I really wanted to read the atricle you cite, but I don't have the patience to search forever for it. 1960