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Jul 082010

Jim Quinn on the current Fourth Turning (Crisis):

Let me know if you find this interesting.

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  • GrayChampionWatcher

    We are in a 4th turning — and this is really big news. I find it surprising that this isn't dealt with more often on this site. Difficult times lay ahead. Global oil production is peaking. The global economy is imploding. Unprecedented forces of deflation and inflation threaten to tear apart the world we all know. Our financial system and energy infrastructure are bumping-up against their limits. Most of us will see a lower standard of living for the foreseeable future because of this.

    The article is interesting, and provides a good historical sweep of how we got where we are. It is a good intro for those unfamiliar with the issues. It understates how dire our situation is though. Once you look deeper into the stresses acting on our society, you realize an article like this doesn't go far enough.

    I hope I'm wrong.