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Aug 082010

Looks like High School Musical has graduated to The Sound of (Yale) Music.

The Millennial (born 1982-200?) thematic and imagery here are totally over the top, with every generational trait (from the confidence, specialness, and teamwork to the wall-to-wall sheltering and trust in friendly authority figures) emphasized.

Pretty soon Google and Apple will be doing these Busby Berkeley-style musical numbers to enhance their employer brands.

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  • Marino Tom

    as an X'er; I think I'm going to vomit. Whose paying this bill for the runaway spending??

  • Guest

    As a Millennial I think this video is great. It makes Yale seem like an adventure instead of some frigid institution where all you do is compete against each other. All colleges should have something like this on youtube!

  • Clem

    no worries, their endowment will wither

  • Sean Love

    This would never have worked with Xers. We would have laughed our cynical behinds off and mocked viciously . . . or else fallen asleep.

    Recently I was reminded of the short films made for children in the early-to-mid 70's called “The Most Important Person (is YOU and you hardly even know you!)” and am amazed at the contrast between the emphasis on the individual then and on the group now when it comes to youth. The emphasis on “common ground” I heard in the Yale clip contrasted strongly with that reminiscence.

  • Miche

    This video is hilarious: so ridiculously campy and saccharine. I laughed my butt off the entire time.nnBy the way, I was born in 1993. I suppose I’m an atypical Millenial.