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Oct 172010

Nice retrospective on an iconic G.I. (born 1901-1924) actress (b. 1915) who provided the stereotypical suburban mom to Boomer (born 1943-1960).  When I watched the show as a fourth-grader circa 1960, I was more “the Beav’s” age, and my older brothers and cousins were more the age of Wally and Eddie.  The older siblings were steadier, more responsible.  We were all a bit wilder, a bit more risk prone, a bit more into our own little worlds.  When June Cleaver said, “Ward, I’m very worried about the Beaver,” she had reason to be worried.  She would have been terrified if she had known how many of us would later turn out.

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  • Vancanuck48

    Pretty Nice: I remember giving my Mom a Beaver Mother’s day Card a few years back. I told her to keep it. My Mom is a Boomer born in 1958.

  • Jeff

    I was working as a contract bartender and server for private parties while attending UCLA. One day, the phone rang at my apartment. There was a lady on the other end asking for me. She said her name was Barbara Billingsly. After I went through the disbelief, I said to her. “I think you’re beautiful!” She was stunned and then said “why thank you!” I was always a big fan. She actually hired me to serve Christmas dinner to her family. It was Christmas 1987. Welcome home Barbara,

  • 985doran

    Danger Danger Will Robinson!!

  • Anonymous

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