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Sep 132010

An interesting defense of LeBron against his Xer detractors.  Interesting that most Generation X (born 1961-1981) did not say, OK, LeBron is just maximizing his  future fame and income and looking out for himself.  Who needs Cleveland?  Who needs community?  Instead, they’re on LeBron for wanting to *join* his superstar buddies rather than *compete* with them.  Michael and Kobe says that LeBron could turn out to be many things, but now that he’s buddied up, he’ll never be “the man” who singlehandedly turned it all around for his team.  Jordan and Bryant didn’t invent this charge.  I think the first person to say that LeBron will never be “the man” is Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post.  And to an Xer athlete, nothing could be more important than being “the man.”

“SuperFriends.”  Now that’s Millennial (born 1982-200?).

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